So! Pendekar Tongkat Emas impressions.

– I keep saying it Pendekar Tkt Emas to get a little bit of juvenile guffaw.
– tkt nya emas keren
– The entire movie was scenery porn. Great looking shots are aplenty.
– Fight choreography is OK but not nearly as good as I hoped it to be. Some really weird editing makes some fights are hard to follow. Not everything is Kenshin though!
– Music is very good, worthy of the scenery porn.
– The story is classic martial arts fare with techniques! Apprentices! Betrayals! Lost techniques! All wrapped in “old Indonesian” setting without being particularly Javanese/Padang/etc. Really liked the Master-Apprentice cycle theme.
– Pacing is a mess, though. So is the sense of geography.
– Christine Hakim looks badass

Conclusion: Heavily flawed, still a must watch. Please make more movies like this.

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