Hi! I'm Dewe and I'd like to believe that I can write.

What I do

You may know me as the writer of Super Santai. You may know me from the stupid little story called The Hero We Deserve. You may know me from the various Bima Satria Garuda parody comics I've made. You may know me personally, or you may not know me at all and just ended up in the wrong side of internet. It's okay.

What I like to do is telling a story. If possible, the ones that make your day a little bit better. I realize I have a knack of making people laugh (with or at me). I have worked with various collaborators in this little quest of making your day better. While I usually tell my collaborators what stories we should tell, they are ultimately the ones doing the actual delivery. So if you have something in mind--maybe an idea or story stuck in your head--do tell me and let's see what we can do.



Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

Rupert, the world's most reliable deliveryman, has to deliver a mysterious package to Earl Grey in his haunted mansion.

John Eagle

John Eagle is a detective. Now that his assistant has resigned, he has to perform one of the world's most difficult task: preparing a breakfast.

Adi & Banu vs The Internet

Feeling bored, Adi & Banu decided to enter the internet and faced the greatest advesary of all.


To avoid extinction, a dinosaur must adapt at all cost.

Other Stupidities

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